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Tom Lee Roofing

Tom Lee Roofing, Inc. strives to provide quality products, efficient service and exceptional customer service.

They use only the finest products and materials available for any given project. They specialize in installing most types of roofing systems for pitched roofs (shingles, clay tiles, shake, slate, standing seam metal) and Modified Bitumen Membrane roofing systems for flat roofs and .

They work on the following projects:

• Pitched roofs in various colors, designs and grades of shingles and coverings.
• Flat roofs with Modified Bitumen Membrane Roofing system on homes and commercial buildings.
• Waterproofing for solar panel mount brackets and associated roof penetrations.
• Installation of various types of skylights for buildings anywhere around the bay area.
• They will install the appropriate vents for adequate attic ventilation that will extend the life of your asphalt shingles.

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